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About MyDriver

MyDriver creates convenient service packages from visions of driving

Some of our customers already got to know us as a young start-up company in the home driving service. International companies appreciate us as their chauffeur partner during the Davos Economic Forum. And others entrust us with the limousines of an entire party.

What makes MyDriver special

In January 2005, MyDriver launched the first commercial home chauffeur service. "You enjoy - we drive" is MyDriver's response to a new awareness of safety. Gastronomes beyond Zurich quickly made MyDriver their partner. And numerous customers appreciated and still appreciate being able to round off evenings in style with the new home-drive comfort.

What makes MyDriver stand out today: an experienced and deliberately young team - reliable and flexible, in that order. Positioned in this way, MyDriver moved into new areas of business. In the meantime, the company has become the market leader for valet parking in Switzerland. In addition, there are chauffeur services for individuals on their way to important meetings, for selected guests on the occasion of a conference or a comprehensive chauffeur service for entire delegations, for example during ArtBasel or the Economic Forum in Davos. For some years now, MyDriver has also been dedicated to the transformation of urban mobility. MyDriver has developed projects for various clients to eliminate bottlenecks in parking space management or to support market launches of new products from the automotive industry with innovative services.

MyDriver has its headquarters in Zurich and is operationally active throughout Switzerland.

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